In my dream world I would have a few acres of land to plant fruit and vegetables, raise chicken and goats and make much of our food myself. Throw in a horse or two and my kids are on board. It will take a good cable connection and maybe a few flashy city lights or at least a city large enough within driving distance to convince my husband. Since none of the above is likely to happen in the next few years and our homeowner’s association is not going to let me keep all my livestock, I am forced to fill this need elsewhere.

So tucked here in my suburban 1500 sq ft home, what I am able to do is make as much of our food from basic ingredients as possible.  By that I mean to start with food and ingredients that are in their most basic form.  As my husband assists me with finding pretty WordPress Themes, I bet he has no idea what he is in for.  If there is anyone that needs convincing it is him.  My two and five year old girls will pretty much eat anything from goats cheese to chicken livers, but James has his culinary limits.  He, however, indulges me for the most part and will try anything once, but is quick to add that he would not eat it a second time if he had the choice.  So with three very different critics I plan to slowly add as much raw, natural and basic foods to our diet as possible.

Since moving to the US, about nine years ago, from South Africa where both James and I were born, we have become more slack in our eating habits.  Convenience foods have crept into our daily meals and the list of ingredients in most of them are shocking.  Once the girls were born I became more diligent in what we ate, but then time was our culinary enemy and it is so much easier to pick up a little drinkable yogurt filled with high Fructose Corn syrup than to make it myself.  Not even mentioning the pretty little Dora or Disney Princess bottle that they come in, how can I possible beat that?  So I am not going to try to beat Dora or Disney Princesses (excuse the use of metaphor for bad food choices).  Instead, I will limit those bad choices to 15-20 % of our food intake, or at least that is what I will aim for.

An easy approach would be to buy all organic foods, but we all know the prices of organics these days.  Hopefully one day they will become cheaper, but for now there is no way I can afford to eat all organic.  So my answer to that problem is to use the best and cheapest ingredients that I can find and make the convenience foods myself.

Join me as I choose new foods to make, old foods to toss out and try new lifestyles and nutritional philosophies that may or may not work for our little family.  Along the way I plan to post daily and include our family favorites as well as new recipes that you can try with us.