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This is not a frugal recipe, you could probably buy butter for about the same price that you can make it, but I love trying new things out. The taste of homemade butter is far superior to what you buy in the stores. There is something so thrilling to make a basic kitchen staple such as butter and it is one of the easiest things to do. A few cups of heavy cream and a food processor is all you need. Try it out, it is so easy.

Start out with 2-3 cups of heavy cream in the processor. Turn it on high and let it run 2 minutes. The time that it will take depends on your processor and the amount of cream that you start with. The mixture will go through a few stages. First you will get a light whipped cream, then a stiffer whipped cream and once you pass that stage the mixture will turn a pale yellow color and look something like this.


You will notice the almost crumb-like texture and the buttermilk will separate from the butter. Pour the buttermilk off and continue processing until the butter resembles the picture below.

Once your butter looks like this, it is time to put it in a fine strainer.  Let it hang out for about 2 minutes or until the liquid stops running out of the bottom.


Once most of the buttermilk has been strained, transfer the butter to a glass bowl and either use a potato masher or a fork and mash the butter. You will notice more liquid coming out, pour it of and continue this process until there is no more liquid or you just get too tired and bored like me and say enough already!


I store my butter in small containers covered with plastic wrap.

Now for the fun part! Eating it. Besides the obvious uses of butter in recipes and on your morning toast try adding herbs or other natural flavours to liven it up. Here are a few ideas.

Garlic and chive butter – great on baked and mashed potatoes
Honey butter – great on toast, English muffins and waffles
Mint butter – Add chopped mint to the butter and serve on lamb chops.
Sage butter – Finely chop onion, sage and and add a few drops of lemon juice and serve on veal chops

The first time that I made butter, I had no intention of repeating it.  I knew that it was not much cheaper to make myself than to buy it off the shelf, but there is such a great satisfaction in using my own butter, that this is a keeper.  It is easy enough to make and the kids enjoy helping me make it aswell.

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