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Every second Friday I pick up my fresh produce from a local co-op.  I just love it!  For $17.50 I get a large amount of fruit and veggies that I would never get at the grocery stores even on sale items.  I  like pictures of food so I had to post pictures of my last two co-op pick ups.

The above picture is from two weeks ago and below is the picture from today.  I love the process of looking at the veggies and planning meals for the weeks ahead.  I know this is a chore to some, but I love doing it.
The fruit is easy, the kids will eat it all within a week.  Here is what I have planned for the veggies.

Potatoes – Oven baked fries to go with a baked fish and chips, Mash as a side dish to sausage and mushrooms, grilled potatoes in foil on the grill or in the oven.

Broccoli – Our two parakeets love broccoli so they will get their share.  Marinated veggies (both raw and grilled), broccoli on my Friday night pizza (along with fresh tomato, mushrooms and goats cheese), the kids and I eat it as a snack during the week, either cooked or raw with hummus.

Garlic- The packet in the front had fresh peeled garlic in it.  So convenient.  I have already made garlic and rosemary oil with it.  I cut the garlic in half, picked a few springs of Rosemary and added both along with Olive oil into a glass jar.  I use the oil and the fresh garlic in preparing meals.
Garlic oil

Tomatoes – I will use them in my lunch salads, on sandwiches for James, raw in marinated veggies and I also eat them raw as you would an apple.

Onions- I have so many in the fridge already that I will probably end up chopping these up and freezing for use later in meals. The 6 onions that I already have in the fridge will be used in meals this week and next week, I also grill them outside when we cook out or in the oven.

The fruit – I may try to save the mango and oranges from being eaten and add them to our Breakfast Smoothies.


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